Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Audio Video Production : Why I Chose KDE for my DE

By JayR

    Let me start off by saying one thing, people reading this blog I hope will keep in mind that this is a place for my personal and public thought's, it is not intended to be news.

    For the past several years I have been beating my brains out trying to piecemeal together my own custom built Linux distro, I can tell ya right now that's not gonna happen anytime  soon. At one time I was hell bent on the Cinnamon and the Mate desktop environments for Linux. I'll sum it up this way Cinnamon is pretty much a Mint Linux deal, and I have lost so much respect for the distribution in the past year, I seriously doubt it will ever become a viable player. Mate is a complete throwback to the once almighty Gnome2 desktop of ages ago. The point I am making here is it's ancient stuff, they are both based on Gnome and GTK, and I am wore out, mentally and physically, I just want something that works, and GTK is a complete disaster, and not it.

    Linux, contrary to popular belief is a formidable player in the Audio mixing business, however when it comes to Video, the graphic(s) card drivers are only so-so at best, pretty much they are no where near the polished product of their Windows counterparts. Now lets tack on this extra weight. Gnome is DEAD, GTK is DEAD and i seriously doubt if the Dev's are on top of anything.

    KDE however bizarre it seemed to me at first with the Plasma 4 and soon to be version 5 is one of those gotcha kinda things, it was like, Oh-Ok now I understand, damm this is so simple. It has got to be the hands down most versatile Desk Top Environment I have yet to encounter.

    Now here's the biggie, QT is here to stay, GTK needs to go away. This is kinda cliche but QT is rapidly becoming a very up and coming player within APP Development circles, and it is pretty much universal, it will run on just about anything. And KDE is QT.

Just my personal opinion

JayR :_)

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