Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hardware Failure's : Seem To Be Plaguing Me As Of Late

By JayR

   I don't know where my luck took a turn for the worse recently, I have been through 3 hard drive failures in the past 6 weeks, all of them Seagates, I don't know what the heck happened to this once stable brand, but that's it for me, I will never purchase one of their product's again, including Lacie which was bought by Seagate last year. All three drives were just past the now 1 year only warranty period, they previously had a 3 year warranty.

    Anyways I did replace all of them with WD Blacks OEM's that include a 5 year warranty, and I can safely say the Western Digital's coverage is excellent. No Questions Asked, as long as the drive has not been physically abused. I have had to return 2 WD Hard Drives in the past 4 years, no problems whatsoever, box it up and pay the shipping and, about a week later you should have a refurbished Black series HD replacement, with a 1 year warranty period.

    Oh well, by this time next year I hope to convert to SSD's, I just installed a Samsung 500GB into an ASUS laptop for a friend a few weeks back, and damn talk about fast. The difference compared to a spinning mechanical disk is astounding.

JayR :_)

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