Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I'm Saying Goodbye To Sabayon Linux : The Killer Linux Distro, "Not For Everyone" !

By JayR

   Boy I gotta tell ya I absolutely am in love with Sabayon Linux, unfortunately the rapid pace of  remaining up on the total cutting edge has just plain and simply done worn my brain out to the point of being totally numb. LOL / I cant keep pace.

    So I am very sad to admit, I'm getting to old for this sort of stuff, at least I can maintain a reasonable state of sanity following Debian and Ubuntu.

    It has been a wild and thoroughly enjoyable ride using Sabayon Linux the past 10 month's or so, I can hardly believe the amount of knowledge I have absorbed during the process. However it's time to get back to my Debian / ( Ubuntu ) Root's.

    I still haven't figured out exactly what I am going to do with this blog, for the time being it is merely a sounding board for me, a place to keep my public thought's alive wile using Linux as an alternative to Win & OsX.

JayR :_)

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